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Virbac Adds Pyoderm™ to Their New and Improved Eco-Friendly Shampoo Range

Pyoderm™ joins Virbac’s extensive range of dermatological and everyday care shampoos designed to clean, care, comfort and protect, regardless of the pet’s skin or coat type:

  • Allerderm™ Shampoo for Dry & Scaly Skin (formerly known as Sebocalm)
  • Allerderm™ Shampoo for Sensitive Skin (formerly known as Episoothe)
  • Allermyl™ Shampoo for Sensitive & Itchy Skin
  • Sebolytic™ Shampoo for Greasy, Scaly & Smelly Skin

Introducing MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews, the next generation in joint health supplementation

Unlike many other joint supplements, MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews do not require a loading period! Where other supplements can require multiple tablets to be given each day over a period of up to 6 weeks to start seeing an effect, just one highly palatable MOVOFLEX® Soft Chew per day can show a perceived increase in mobility in just 7 days1, regardless of the activity levels or age of the dog.

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