Indorex Defence Household Flea Spray

Indorex® is the UK’s No. 1 Household Flea Spray*

With 95% of a flea population living in the home environment, Indorex is a vital part of any integrated flea control programme. Indorex kills adult fleas and house dust mites on contact for up to 2 months after application, and prevents the development of flea eggs and larvae for up to 12 months.

Product features :

  • Permethrin & Piperonyl Butoxide provide synergistic adulticide activity ensuring rapid knockdown of adult fleas and house dust mites for up to 2 months
  • Pyriproxyfen acts as an insect growth regulator for year long control of eggs and larvae
  • Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium is a source of Pyrethrins, a naturally occurring insecticide  
  • UV stable – works well in sunlit areas such as cars and conservatories
  • Prevents environmental reinfestation for up to 12 months
  • A single 500ml is sufficient for an average sized 3 bedroom home
  • Winner of the Your Dog magazine award for best flea product for the home for 11 consecutive years, and the Your Cat magazine award for 7 consecutive years!

Product benefits :

  • Up to 12 months environmental flea control in a single can
  • Provides rapid knockdown and long-lasting control
  • Effective against fleas and house dustmites, a potential allergen






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Use medicines responsibly.
Further information is available on request from Virbac Ltd.

*Kynetec VetTrak Sales Data July 2023

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