Nutritional Advice

Feeding Your Dog After Neutering

New needs means adapted nutrition

Watch Out for Weight Gain Following Neutering

Neutering leads to hormonal changes which significantly increase the risk of weight gain. In fact, neutered dogs are twice as likely to be overweight compared to entire dogs1! Following neutering, energy needs reduce by about 30% whereas appetite increases by an average of 60%. If you do not adapt your dog's diet, their bodyweight could increase by as much as 10% in the space of three weeks following neutering1. But don't worry, this can be avoided by changing their diet at the right time!

The New Needs Of Your Neutered Dog

To be adapted to their new needs, their diet must be lower in energy and the calorie content of the new food must come first and foremost from protein. Protein is essential to help maintain muscle mass and prevent formation of fat mass. Protein also promotes satiety, in combination with dietary fibre, which is particularly important after neutering, when your dog's appetite is increasing. Furthermore, the amount of starch and sugars must be restricted, as the energy they provide is less useful than protein's and can easily be stored as fat.

VETERINARY HPM® Neutered: Specially Designed For Your Neutered Dog

VETERINARY HPM® Neutered diets have been specially formulated to avoid weight gain following neutering, whilst making sure your dog does not feel excessively hungry, thanks to an adapted energy formulation combined with a high protein content. VETERINARY HPM® Neutered diets also contain L-Carnitine, which helps to limit fat storage.

The diets are available in several pack sizes suitable for all sizes and ages. 

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 * Ref. : 1. I. Jeusette, et al. Effect of ovariectomy and ad libitum feeding on body composition, thyroid status, ghreling and leptin plasma concentrations in female dogs. Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition 90 (2006)

Answer some questions about your pet and we'll suggest the right food from our VETERINARY HPM® range!  


VETERINARY HPM® can be purchased from vet practices, or online on the Virbac web store, for deliveries directly from us to your home!