2023/05/02 - Veterinary

Virbac is pleased to announce the launch of new, innovative MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews, the next generation in joint care supplementation for dogs.

Unlike many other joint supplements, MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews do not require a loading period! Where other supplements can require multiple tablets to be given each day over a period of up to 6 weeks to start seeing an effect, just one highly palatable MOVOFLEX® Soft Chew per day can show a perceived increase in mobility in just 7 days1, regardless of the activity levels or age of the dog.

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The 5 key ingredients of Eggshell Membrane, Hyaluronic acid, Astaxanthin, Boswellia serrata and Krill meal have been selected for both their individual and synergistic benefits, and are expertly formulated to work together to effectively support joint health and help increase quality of life. This unique combination allows the consumer to not only start seeing benefits faster than other joint supplements, but provides a cost effective, highly palatable treat which is easy to give, a fact that 94% of pet owners agree with.1

Eggshell membrane (ESM), an innovative ingredient in MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews, contains a number of different naturally occurring elements involved in joint structure and function, including collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate, and more than 200 different proteins. Eggshell membrane has also been shown to have a proven effect on mobility in dogs (and humans).2

‘Canine Osteoarthritis is the most common disease in dogs with 20% of adult dogs and up to 80% of dogs over 8 years old affected, so we are proud to be able to add innovative MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews to our wide range of products that support joint health’ said Dan Johnson, Product Manager at Virbac. ‘MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews offer pet owners an easy to give and reliable joint supplement, and as with all of Virbac’s joint health and mobility solutions, they are of the highest quality and developed based on science.’

Presented in eco-friendly packaging in 3 different sizes for optimal dosing, MOVOFLEX® Soft Chews are available in Small (<15kg), Medium (15kg-35kg) and Large Dog (35kg) packs, each containing 30 chews and are available to order from your usual veterinary wholesaler.

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2. Aguirre et al., J. Vet. Med. Anim. Health, 2018