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Treating a flea infestation in the home


The combination of a relatively mild climate and our centrally heated homes make fleas a year-round problem. But did you know that adult fleas living on your pet represent just 5% of the total flea population in your home? The other 95% of fleas live in carpets, floorboards and soft furnishings!

Adult fleas live on your pet and lay eggs which roll off into your home and continue their life cycle. Flea pupae can lie dormant for up to a year deep in carpets and flooring until warmth and vibrations from passing animals trigger them to hatch. Nothing but fire can kill them and they’re responsible for keeping the flea life cycle going.




A good household flea spray is therefore a vital component of any flea control programme.

Here’s our top tips for tackling a flea infestation in the home…

  • Treat all pets regularly with an appropriate flea treatment, ensuring dosage is based on their correct weight and applied correctly as per the instructions. As fleas are a year-round problem it’s important to ensure your pets are treated year-round also.


  • Treat your home with a household flea spray – use a product that will kill any remaining adult fleas and also stop the development of eggs and larvae and be sure to follow the instructions carefully.


  • Vacuum for several days after treating your home to encourage fleas in pupae in your home to hatch and be killed


  • Wash your pets bedding thoroughly on a hot wash (60°C+)


  • Remember to treat all of your home – even those rooms your pets don’t enter


  • Don’t forget to clean and treat other places your pet spends time such as your car, pet carrier or kennel. 


It’s perfectly normal to continue to see fleas following treatment. Fleas will hatch from pupae in response to environmental stimuli but will then be killed ending the life cycle.

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