Virbac UK

Urology (Water Intake & Behaviour)

  • Reduction of struvite stone recurrence.
  • Reduction of oxalate stone formation.
  • Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC).

Available sizes:

  • 1.5 kg
  • 3 kg


Increases Water Intake 

BEHAVIOUR Plus Complex

Low Struvite RSS (<1)

High EPA+DHA (omega-3)

Body Weight Control

Nutrition for carnivores

Dogs and cats are carnivores regardless of their health status. The VETERINARY HPM Clinical Diets are based on a formulation high in protein and low in carbohydrate (HP-LC), of which 90% of the protein is of animal origin.

44 % High in Protein of which 90 % Animal Protein
of the market
23 % High in Carbohydrate
  • Daily ration
  • Ingredients
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I switch from my current food to VETERINARY HPM™?

    To help your pet's digestive system adapt successfully to new food, we recommend that you introduce VETERINARY HPM™ gradually over a period of 5 to 7 days.

    For a successful dietary transition:

    fingerprint-2.png Current Food
    fingerprint-1.png VETERINARY HPM™

    DAYS 1-2

    DAYS 3-4

    DAYS 5-6

    DAY 7

  • How much should I feed my pet?

    VETERINARY HPM™ is very palatable, but we do advise that you respect the daily rations recommended by your vet or vet nurse. Our general feeding guidelines can be found on every bag, but your vet or vet nurse can provide you with a recommendation tailored specifically to your pet. 

  • My pet is drinking more. Is this normal?

    A dog should drink 50-70ml/kg of their bodyweight each day, whilst cats should consume 60ml/kg.

    With VETERINARY HPM™, thanks to its higher amount of protein compared to other dry foods, your pet will naturally consume more water. So don't be surprised if they start drinking more water than usual - that's a good thing!


  • Where is VETERINARY HPM™ produced?



    VETERINARY HPM™ is produced in our own factory in France, more precisely in Vauvert, close to Nîmes. This site has been producing quality pet food since 1988, and thanks to a dedicated team of veterinary surgeons and pet nutritionists, we have been able to meet the very high expectations of pet owners in terms of food quality, traceability and safety for over 30 years.