Diaproof Pro

Oral electrolyte for calves, foals, lambs and kids.

  • Cows
  • Goat
  • Sheep

Diaproof® Pro is a specialised electrolyte supplement for calves, lambs, goat kids and foals. It is indicated to support physiological digestion by stabilising water and electrolyte balance during periods of, or recovery from, diarrhoea. Oral rehydration therapy is an important component of the treatment of calf scour as it provides energy and helps stabilise electrolytes and acidosis. Diaproof Pro contains ingredients that not only correct electrolyte imbalance and acidosis, but also slow stool transit time and change the consistency of stools.


One sachet easily mixes with 2 litres of warm water and should be fed three times, at 12 hour intervals.


Product features:

  • Unique gel-forming oral electrolyte.
  • Dual buffer system (SID: 69 mmol/l).
  • Glucose to provide nutritional support.
  • Contains Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant that protects cellular integrity.
  • The Vitamin B3 (Brewer’s Yeast) is an essential co-factor in energy metabolism.
  • EU PARNUT Regulation No. 1123/2014 compliant formula for quality and consistency.
  • Available in boxes of 24 x 100g sachets or in a 1kg tub.


Product benefits:

  • Short feeding program - complete regime in 3 feeds.
  • Contains psyllium (Plantago ovata) which slows the passage of the stool, increases nutrient absorption, protects the gut mucosa and binds pathogens.
  • Dual buffer system provides high buffering capacity and reduces metabolic acidosis (SID: 69 mmol/l).


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