We are pleased to confirm our continued support to Wildlife Vets International in their campaign to reduce the risk of population decline in the African painted dog due to disease.  

Also known as African wild dogs, these animals have disappeared from much of their former range in sub-Saharan Africa and are classified as Endangered on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Domestic dog clinics are run on community lands on the outskirts of Hwange National Park, near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and WVI has gathered sponsorship for a veterinary team to undertake the neutering part of the programme to which Virbac have kindly provided the necessary anaesthesia and pain relief. The clinical work comes under the jurisdiction of the local State Veterinary Department. Other support include grants from Painted Dog Conservation UK, Yorkshire Wildlife Park Foundation, Securos Surgical, product provided by animal health companies and donations through the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018. 

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