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Because there’s more than one way to crack a nut!

#woofolution is our new and innovative campaign designed to help raise awareness about the alternatives to surgical castration. We are encouraging pet owners nationwide to speak to members of the veterinary profession about the choices available when it comes to castration.

There is mounting evidence of a growing change in the attitude of pet owners towards permanent castration. Current research has shown that 25% of pet owners are concerned or very concerned that neutering could be harmful for their dog1. The permanency of surgery has been cited as the reason why 67% of owners with entire male dogs have not yet opted for the procedure2.

We offer a simple and fully reversible alternative to surgical castration, in the form of an easy to give implant, which gives you a real choice when it comes to castration. The implant enables you to see the benefits of the surgical procedure without the permanency.

As part of the campaign, we have created an engaging and humorous video to highlight the availability of alternatives to surgical castration. 


There's More Than One Way To Crack A Nut