Activyl - Flea Treatment

Activyl - the first bioactivated flea control product for dogs

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Activyl® provides targeted bioactivated flea control for dogs. The only topical spot-on containing Indoxacarb, Activyl kills adult and developing stages of fleas on the pet and in their immediate surroundings, protecting against infestations for 1 month.

Activyl works differently from conventional flea products; it only becomes highly active inside the flea. This means Activyl is highly selective for fleas.


Product features :

  • Targeted flea control for dogs
  • Stops fleas feeding within 4 hours
  • Kills fleas in 4 to 12 hours
  • The first flea control product to target through bioactivation
  • Absorbed into the flea with no blood meal necessary
  • Approved for use in dogs >1.5kg and over 8 weeks of age
  • Quick drying and fragrance free
  • Available in 4 presentations: Toy Dogs, Small Dogs, Medium Dogs & Large Dogs


Product benefits :

  • Kills fleas fast and without them having to bite
  • Targeted action against fleas
  • Easy and convenient to use
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