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Pet food made without gluten
The most common sources of starch, cereals, may contain gluten, which can sometimes cause food intolerance reactions in our pets, just like in humans. Gluten is a set of proteins found in wheat, rye, barley and oats; and all of these cereals are absent from our products.

No wheat or corn
We chose to eliminate the most risky sources of mycotoxins from our VETERINARY HPM® formulas: wheat and corn. Nevertheless we continue to monitor these substances, which are undesirable when present in large quantities, as part of our quality control approach, validated by the relevant authorities. 

A formulation made without added artificial colours
The colour of our pet food is natural, no artificial colours are added.

A formulation made without added artificial flavours
The excellent palatability of our food is solely due to its composition (high levels of animal protein), and its manufacturing process. No artificial flavours are added.

Vegetable ingredients from non-GMO crops
Our foods contain few vegetable ingredients and our quality policy demands strict specifications from our suppliers: vegetable ingredients must not be derived from GMO crops. 

Food free from many of the main food allergens
VETERINARY HPM® is specifically fomulated to be free from many of the common food allergens in pets, including: gluten, soya, maize, egg, wheat, dairy, and lamb.  

Clear and transparent labels
We believe that it's important for pet owners to know exactly what they're feeding to their pets. That's why we pay great attention to the clarity and transparency of our labeling. So, in addition to the mandatory information, we choose to inform pet owners about the carbohydrate content of our food, including starch, and this is displayed on our bags.