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Pre Neutered Cat

Baby - Pre Neutered Cat
  • For kittens, from weaning up to 12 months old if not neutered
  • Pregnant cats
  • Lactating cats



Available sizes:

  • 0,4 kg
  • 1,5 kg
  • 3 kg
Kittens have strict requirements for healthy growth, especially in terms of energy, proteins and minerals. They have a delicate digestive system and an immature immune system. Veterinary HPM™ responds to these specific needs.

Nutrition for Carnivores

VETERINARY HPM™ is a new generation of cat food designed to be closer to the nutritional needs of carnivores. This new and unique range is based on a low carbohydrate-high protein formula. So it is much lower in starch and carbohydrates, and much higher in animal protein. The result is nutrition that is perfectly adapted to your cat’s needs.

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45 % High in Protein of which 95 % of animal protein
17 % Low in Carbohydrate

Global Preventive Profile

Thanks to its nutritional profile (low carbohydrate-high protein balance) and specially selected functional supplements , Veterinary HPM™ is more than just a cat food. It has a wide spectrum of health benefits to support the long-term health and well-being of your cat, the highly evolved carnivore in your own home.

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