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Another Award Win for Indorex

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 


Another Award Win for Indorex

We are delighted that Indorex, our best-selling veterinary household flea spray*, has been voted Best Dog Flea Product (Home) by readers of Your Dog Magazine for the ninth time in its 2016-2017 Product Awards.  It has also claimed the top spot in the same category in Your Cat Magazine's Product Awards for the fifth time.

Used in conjunction with a monthly spot-on treatment, Indorex is an easy-to-use, odourless spray, which kills adult fleas and prevents the development of their eggs and larvae.  This breaks the flea life cycle and helps to keep homes flea-free for up to twelve months.  Indorex has also been approved by the Health and Safety Executive for the control of dust mites.  To support users, we have created a suite of useful information, including a video showing how to use the product, which they can assess by downloading the free Blippar app onto their smart device and scanning the front or top of the can.

Alison Queenborough, publisher of Your Dog and Your Cat, says: "For Indorex to win this Award for a ninth time in Your Dog and for a fifth time in Your Cat is a truly remarkable achievement.  It is testament to the regard in which readers of the two magazines hold it and the important contribution that it makes to their parasite control regimes.” 

We believe this is yet another vote of confidence in Indorex from dog and cat owners who take their responsibility as pet owners seriously and who make considered decisions about the products they use.  We are very grateful to the readers of both magazines.

*Source:  Gfk veterinary channel sales data October 2016


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