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Frequently asked questions

I have a fish tank which is too heavy to move - what should I do?

If you have a pump, switch it off. Cover the tank completely with two thick blankets. When spraying Indorex in the room, ensure that the nozzle is pointing downwards and away from the tank. After half an hour, ventilate the room for two hours. It will then be safe to remove the blankets and switch the pump back on.

I used Indorex a few days ago and there are still fleas jumping around!

The pupae stage of the flea life cycle can survive in houses for up to 12 months and are unaffected by any known pesticide. They hatch out in response to stimuli like vibrations and warmth. The pupae hatch in waves, so the vibration created by vacuuming for 7 consecutive days encourages hatching and any newly hatched fleas will be killed.

I’m asthmatic - what should I do?

The product itself represents no particular danger but the propellant is carbon dioxide and increased levels of this gas can be associated with asthma attacks. Consult your doctor and preferably get someone else to spray for you.

Is it safe for my baby (crawling on the floor) after spraying?

Yes - Indorex has been approved for amateur domestic use. Once dry (allow at least one and a half hours), Indorex binds to all surfaces in such a way that it will not come off onto the skin.

Is it safe to use if I’m pregnant?

Yes - sensible precautions such as wearing gloves, are advised.

What about human bedding?

There is no requirement to spray mattresses. Flea eggs and larvae cannot penetrate through the fibres of mattresses. Washing bedding and mattress protectors on a hot wash and correctly treating the room will be sufficient.

What coverage does 1 can provide?

There is enough Indorex to treat the average, 79 square metre, 3 bedroom house.