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The importance of microchipping with Virbac

Microchipping provides a swift, safe and permanent means of accurate identification, allowing an animal to be re-homed if it strays or is lost or stolen.  Since the 1990s they have been used in millions of animals, and have become a legal requirement of the EU Pet Passport scheme.  It is endorsed by many animal welfare organisations including the RSPCA, SSPCA, Cats Protection League, BEVA and ILPH.

Bio-glass chips

Our mini glass chips are manufactured with the latest technology:

  • Manufactured using medical-grade bio-glass
  • A very small, permanent  silicone dot, adhered to the inside of the needle, holds the microchip securely in place
  • The microchips are laser sealed and robotically checked to ensure their integrity
  • All BackHome microchips are coated with medical-grade parylene, to prevent migration
  • ISO 11784 and 11785, FDX-B and HDX
  • A photo is taken of every single needle prior to assembly to comply with our manufacturer’s high quality control standards

Mini Implanter.jpg

BackHome implanters

BackHome microchips come in a pre-loaded implanter. This implanter is provided in a sterile sachet and each sachet contains a set of 7 barcode labels corresponding to the unique chip enclosed.

  • Exclusive Virbac design
  • Ergonomic implanter with
    • Large finger loops for ease of use - Flattened panel at top of loops for comfort
    • Improved grip on body of syringe
    • Sharp, lubricated needle for effortless implantation
  • Anti-return click system
    • Reinforced with a unique visual ‘check’ window
  • Rubber O-ring on the plunger
    • Smoother and more controlled implantation
  • Luer-lock system
    • Allows the user to detach needle after implantation for safe disposal


BackHome V800 Scanner

  • Reads ISO11784/ 11785 FDX-A, FDX-B, and HDX standards chips
  • Memory: up to 1000 ID numbers
  • Connection to computer: USB and Bluetooth
  • Scanners are small and compact and therefore ideal for use on horses. Scanner dimensions: 155mm (L) x 82 (W) x 33 (H)
  • Rechargeable battery through USB port