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BackHome pet identification microchips from Virbac make microchipping your pet easy!

·    It takes just seconds with the minimum amount of discomfort for your pet
·    It's a reliable, versatile system suitable for many species
·    Just one application/implant for a lifetime of protection
·    It's a clean and sterile method with no harmful side effects
·    ISO Standard approved and suitable for the EU Pet Passport scheme

It's not just a microchip. BackHome is a complete service dedicated to keeping you and your pet together.  BackHome utilise Petlog’s high standard database with registriation on the European Pet Network, the European wide microchip database.

BackHome now use Mini chips – 30% smaller than the standard chip*.  This means the needle is smaller and this will make the process more comfortable.

Petlog website changes

You may have noticed the Petlog website has changed.  We have created a quick user guide to help you become reacquainted with the site.  Please click on the file below to download and print off instructions.

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Lost or found a pet?

If you have found or lost a pet, Petlog, the UK’s largest independent microchip registration and pet reunification database, will be able to assist you. Please call 01296 336579.

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