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Lost or found a pet?

Found a pet

Have you found a pet? The priority is to ensure that the animal is in good health and then find the worried owner.

Call the PETtrac on 01273 408722 to report that you have found a lost pet, they will be able to advise you on the next steps to take

Lost a pet

What to do if your pet is lost or goes missing:

  • Inform PETtrac as soon as possible either by logging in to your PETtrac account or by calling 01273 408722
  • Check your property and the local area
  • Call your vets, local media, animal warden and animal welfare centres

Next steps... the lost pet checklist

✔ Thoroughly check your own property first. Look in cosy places, under beds, in wardrobes and anywhere else your pet may think it could get some rest, or could be stressed and in hiding.

✔ Ask your neighbours to check their sheds, garages, conservatories, greenhouses or anywhere else sheltered. If they have left a door open and then locked it without checking, it is possible your lost pet could be trapped inside.

✔ Search your neighbourhood, leaving the description of your missing pet and your contact details with as many people as possible. Remember to speak to any postmen, or other service personnel that cover a wide area.

✔ Call your vet, local animal warden and local animal welfare centres

✔ Place missing pet posters everywhere you can. Local shops, vets, lamp-posts, restaurants, supermarkets.

✔ Contact your local radio station and newspaper and ask them to put out a message for you.

✔ Visit other lost and found pet websites, and register your pet with as many as possible.

If you are trying to find a lost dog - walk around the area the dog went missing with a lead, some treats and maybe the dog’s favourite toy. The scents of all these things may bring your lost dog back to you.