Shaping the future of animal health
United Kingdom


The Features?Phonegraphic.gif

New augmented packaging gives access to regulated, accurate information.

  • Videos on the relevant diseases and risks.
  • Videos on how to use the products.
  • Built in free reminder systems where suitable to drive pet owners to your practice.
  • Much much more!

The Benefits?

  • Access to accurate and regulated information.
  • Boost owner education and compliance in a new and innovative way.
  • Be seen to be providing innovative communication techniques from you to your clients.

And how can this help you?

An insightful new video has been produced in conjunction with the British Veterinary Association (BVA) and ITN, as part of the ground-breaking ‘Veterinary View’ series, which looks to explore the role and value of the veterinary profession.  This video shows how augmented reality enables vets and owners to access all they need to know about products at the touch of a button, using any smart device.






If you don’t already have this free app, head to your app store on any smart device.