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Dog with Sign Image-crop362x564.jpgThe smart way to microchip
your pet

BackHome pet identification microchips from Virbac make microchipping your pet easy!

·    It takes just seconds with the minimum amount of discomfort for your pet
·    It's a reliable, versatile system suitable for many species
·    Just one application/implant for a lifetime of protection
·    It's a clean and sterile method with no harmful side effects
·    ISO Standard approved and suitable for the EU Pet Passport scheme

It's not just a microchip. BackHome is a complete service dedicated to keeping you and your pet together. BackHome provides lifelong registration on PETtrac, a DEFRA compliant, UK based reunification database that is dedicated to reuniting missing pets with thier owners 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With PETtrac Virbac are also able to offer FREE transfer of keepership from a breeder to a new puppy owner! 

BackHome Mini microchips are 30% smaller than the standard chip*.  This means the needle is smaller and this will make the process more comfortable.

Lost or found a pet?

If you have found or lost a pet, PETtrac, a fully DEFRA compliant, UK based pet reunification database, will be able to assist you. Please call 01273 408721

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